Remodels Remodels Master bedroom and bath addition We added a master, master bath and new sun deck to this house in Woodland Hills. We remodeled the office and one other bathroom. 84169484 Raised foundations ready for inspection 84169485 84169487 84169494 Floor structure complete 84169493 Bed and bath framing 84169497 Shear walls complete 84169496 84169512 Existing roof tie-in 84169495 Lathing complete 84175606 Plaster base coats 84169457 Plaster base coats 84169456 Plaster base coats 84169458 84169461 84169459 84169460 Master shower 84169463 Master shower 84169464 Blending in old and new floors 84169468 Floor blend complete Can you tell the difference? All he has to do is the pegs. 84169470 Extra bathroom addition This house had only one bathroom and 3 bedrooms. There is also a pool. We added a new bathroom off the pool and extended the patio cover. 84169514 Foundations dug and plumbing laid out. 84169515 Foundations dug and plumbing laid out. 84169516 Setting steel 84169517 Framing almost complete 84169518 Lathing, patio cover and roof complete 84169519 Finished and ready for paint 84169520 Setting tile inside 84169521 84169513