Kitchen Remodels Kitchen Remodels Reseda Kitchen...Before Old retro style kitchen with un-insulated shed ceiling. The ceiling was dropped, insulated and recessed lights installed. New formica cabinets were installed and stone counters. All new floors, electrical, plumbing and AC. 84165369 Ceiling installed 84165370 Drywall 84165371 84165372 Cabinet installation 84165373 Counter top installation 84165374 New Kitchen Complete 84165375 New kitchen complete 84165376 Bell Canyon Kitchen.....Before We demolished the kitchen and family room, added on to the house to create a larger kitchen then remodeled the family room and existing areas. 84165378 Homeowner Denice takes the first swipe! 106851205 Demolition 84165379 106852819 106852820 Adding on to the kitchen 84165380 106852816 Concrete complete 84165381 106852818 106852817 The new kitchen framed 84165382 Drywall 84165383 Ready for cabinets 84165384 Cabinet installation 84165385 Counter top installation 84165386 106852821 Polishing the granite 84165387 Kitchen complete Green Brazilian Granite 84165388 84165377 Kitchen complete 84165389 106852815 Kitchen complete 84165390 New, refinished family room Looking back toward the new kitchen and dining area 84165391 West Hills: Kitchen, Dining and Family room Addition We opened up the back wall of the house and added on a new 25x25 family room. 84195049 84195050 84195051 84195052 84195053 84195054 Country Kitchen Country kitchen with knotty pine cabinets and real brick. 84288160 Country Kitchen 84288161 Country Kitchen 84288162 Country Kitchen Wine glass cabinet 84288165 Country Kitchen Island 84288163 Country Kitchen 84288164